Pawlenty doesn't find Bush 'inspiring,' calls for 'dramatic move'

Tim Pawlenty, the former Minnesota governor and failed presidential candidate, became the latest to pile on Jeb Bush's widely panned debate performance.

In multiple interviews Thursday, Pawlenty said Bush needs to do something "dramatic" to his campaign to show he's a viable candidate going forward. He also added that Bush's back-and-forth with Sen. Marco Rubio "crystalized the concern" for the former GOP front-runner.

"The unfortunate part of the Bush campaign so far has been these expectations that they're just about to turn the corner or make a comeback or fix the problem, and it's like political 'Who Moved My Cheese?' It's always one more thing." Pawlenty told MSNBC's Thomas Roberts.

Pawlenty went on to say the Rubio appeals to a broad cross-section of the party. But he doubted Bush was "seeking the permission to quit" the race.