Paul Lashes Out at Fellow Texan Perry

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At a townhall style meeting in Mason City Iowa, Fox News Chief Political Correspondent Carl Cameron asked Texas Rep. Ron Paul about fellow Lonestar Republican Rick Perry's potential entrance into the race for the GOP presidential nomination.

The three-time presidential candidate blasted the Texas governor as few Republicans ever have.

"He will just further dilute the establishment vote," Paul said. "You know he's part of the status quo. I don't know of a view that he has that is different than the previous administrations and his record as governor does not show him as a standout as actually being a conservative. He actually was the chairman for Al Gore at one time not too many years ago."

Perry has yet to declare his candidacy but is reportedly leaning toward entering the race. He gives a speech to conservative bloggers in the first-in-the-south primary state of South Carolina on Saturday before heading to Iowa on Sunday. Perry also has a trip to New Hampshire planned next week.