Party of "No" Better than "Yes, We Can"

Tennessee Sen Lamar Alexander, the number three Republican in the Senate, responded to the long standing allegation from Congressional Democrats that the GOP has become the "Party of No" in Congress.  Rather than contest that moniker, Alexander embraced it, saying that it was the responsible thing to do for the American people.

He said that the sweeping Democratic legislative agenda will inevitably lead to painful unintended consequences for the public.  "The law of unintended consequences has made being a member of the so-called "Party of No" a more responsible choice than being a member of the so-called party of "Yes, we can," if these three recent comprehensive bills on health care, climate change, and immigration are the only choices."

Rather than attempting to pass massive reform bills, Alexander suggested that Congress should work to pass step-by-step legislation to address the issues of health care, energy, and jobs.  "Human experience has always taught that enough small steps in the right direction is one good way to get you where you want to go."