Palin to Testify Against Alleged E-Mail Hacker

Sarah Palin is expected to head to Knoxville, month  to testify in U.S. District Court against a University of Tennessee student who allegedly hacked the former Alaska governor's personal Yahoo! e-mail account.

David C. Kernall, whose father is Democratic state Rep. Michael Kernell of Memphis, admits he correctly answered personal security questions to gain access to the account in September 2008 after Palin was named Arizona Sen. John McCain's vice presidential running mate.

If Kernall's attorney, Wade Davies, has his way, Palin has to show up at the April 20 court date to show details about the account, including who had access to it.

Before that, on March 24, a pre-trial hearing will determine whether Davies has a legitimate argument against the magistrate's authority to issue search warrants for Internet companies outside Tennessee. According to The Knoxville News Sentinel, Davies is trying to keep out as evidence information gleaned from Yahoo! and other Internet providers.

On Wednesday, the magistrate, Clifford Shirley, allowed Davies to pursue his challenge despite the looming trial date. Federal prosecutors say the records request being sought by Davies of Palin's account is merely a "fishing expedition," the Sentinel reported.

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    Kernall is charged with identity theft, wire fraud, computer fraud, and obstruction of justice

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.