“Origami condom” inventor Daniel Resnic has said that he must pay back taxpayer funds to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

In emails obtained by the Free Beacon, Resnic, who received more than $2.4 million  to develop the so-called origami condoms, states that he is in the process of working on a repayment plan for at least some of the grant funding he received.

Resnic also recently lost in court, as a lawsuit he filed against a former employee was thrown out last week. Two lawyers had dropped Resnic, and the second of the two attorneys, Martin J. Kaufman, cited an “irreparable breakdown of the attorney-client relationship,” asserting that Resnic refused to pay or cooperate.

The idea of the origami condom—a non-rolled, silicone-based condom designed to “increase pleasure”—was approved by the NIH, and Resnic received grants to create his condoms in male, female, and anal versions.

While Resnic claims that the male condom will hit the market this year, a former employee is accusing him of massive fraud.

The employee alleged that Resnic misspent millions of taxpayer dollars on trips to Costa Rica, lavish parties at the Playboy mansion, full-body plastic surgery, a condo in Provincetown, Mass., and patents for numerous “get-rich-quick” schemes.

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