Oregon residents demand answers over failure of state's ObamaCare website

As Oregon reels from a failed launch of the state’s health care exchange website, people demand answers.

Despite getting an early start and extra funds from the federal government, Oregon has yet to enroll a single person in the health exchange under the Affordable Care Act. Now everyone from Oregonians seeking insurance to lawmakers both for and against the law want to know what’s going on.

“My belief is that Oregonians need to hold people accountable for the actions that they make. And for this particular plan, it’s President Obama and essentially every Democrat who voted for it.  And in the state of Oregon it’s Gov. John Kitzhaber who is responsible for its implementation,” Oregon state Sen. Tim Knopp, R-Bend, told Northwest Watchdog.  ”He (Kitzhaber) needs to explain why, as an early adopter with additional funds that other states didn’t get, that we’re dead last in sign ups.”

Cover Oregon and the Oregon Health Authority have hired and reassigned more than 400 workers to help process paper applications because the website is not working — and hasn’t worked properly since its launch Oct. 1. Despite millions of dollars spent on ambiguous TV and other ads, the Oregon exchange is failing.

Kitzhaber held a press conference earlier this month announcing additional help to process paper applications.

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