Under Obamacare, Medicaid expansion was supposed to add no more than 500,000 people to the rolls in Illinois over the next couple of years.

Supposed to.

Medicaid managers now say they will see almost that many by year's end.

"We told you all along that we expected about 509,000 people to enroll in Medicaid post-ACA," Illinois Health Care and Family Services Director Julie Hamos told lawmakers Thursday. "We now see that 430,000 could enroll by the end of this calendar year."

Illinois has added 315,000 people to Medicaid since Jan. 1. Here's a breakdown:

* 36,000 people were enrolled when they applied for food stamps

* 93,000 people were added through a special County Care program in Cook County

* 104,000 people have been added through the state's Obamacare exchange

* 82,000 have been added through the federal Obamacare website, healthcare.org

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