President Obama will announce three key military personnel moves Monday, naming a new Army chief of staff and a new vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, sources tell Fox News White House correspondent Mike Emanuel. The president was already set to name Gen. Martin Dempsey the new chairman of the Joint Chiefs during the Rose Garden announcement.

With Dempsey leaving the role of Army Chief of Staff, sources say that creates an opening for Gen. Ray Odierno. Odierno is winding down the U.S. Joint Forces Command and is best known to the public for his years of service in the Iraq War. When he was named to the Joint Forces Command post, Defense Secretary Robert Gates promised he would find him another great job once that Command was dismantled.

Adm. James A. Winnefeld, a Navy officer who is NORTHCOM commander will become the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs. While not a household name, sources describe him as a smart officer, who is well-known at the White House. Referring to current Joint Chiefs Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen, one source describes Winnefeld as "Mullen's guy."

While White House officials are not confirming names at this point, sources elsewhere say Dempsey, Winnefeld, & Odierno will be in the Rose Garden with the President tomorrow.

Fox News White House correspondent Mike Emanuel contributed to this story.