Obama statement on Capt Michael "Scott" Speicher

On Sunday, the White House released the following paper statement following the news that the remains of Capt. Michael "Scott" Speicher have been recovered.

"The news that Captain Speicher's remains have been recovered is a reminder of the selfless service that led him to make the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. As with all our service men and women considered Missing in Action, we remain steadfast in our determination to bring our American heroes home. I am grateful to the Marines who pursued the information that led to Captain Speicher's recovery so that he can now come home. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, and I hope that the recovery of his remains will bring them a needed sense of closure."

Capt Speicher was the first pilot shot down in the first Gulf War, Operation Desert Storm in 1991. His remains were found in Anbar province after an Iraqi citizen led Marines to the site where Speicher's remains were buried by Bedouin back in 1991.