President Obama and the current Republican front-runner Mitt Romney will both campaign in Pennsylvania Thursday, in an attempt to raise some last minute cash on the final day of the fundraising quarter.

President Obama is scheduled to hold two DNC fundraisers in the Philadelphia area, the first, a public fundraiser with tickets ranging from $250 to $2,500. Later at the private home of Comcast executive David Cohen, the president attends a dinner with invitations starting at $10,000 per person.

Money from the president's fundraisers is split between the Democratic National Committee and the president's re-election campaign. The first $5,000 of individual contributions go to the campaign, the maximum any one person can contribute to the campaign. Individuals are permitted to give $30,800 to a campaign committee per year.

Former Governor Romney will campaign a few miles away, holding a press conference at Allentown Metal Works, a factory that has closed in the time since president Obama visited in 2009 to tout the federal stimulus. The stop at the former factory fits with Romney's campaign theme to bash the president's handling of economic issues.

Romney will also pick up some cash in the Keystone State. But his campaign is downplaying expectations for his fundraising.

Romney campaign officials tell Fox News the former governor will report raising less than $20 million for the quarter. Even below the $20 million benchmark, Romney is expected to lead the Republican candidates in fundraising.

The President is expected to surpass that benchmark, raising $60 million for his re-election campaign and the DNC combined this quarter, according to an Obama campaign source.

Pennsylvania will be a key swing state in next year's election. President Obama has visited there twice already since launching his re-election, and today will be his thirteenth visit as president.