Obama Re-Election Campaign Meets with President Clinton

Obama's 2012 campaign team met with former President Bill Clinton in New York last week, a campaign official confirms to Fox News.

Campaign manager Jim Messina and top strategist David Axelrod, along with several other staffers sat down with Clinton and two of his aides.

The two-hour meeting, first reported by National Memo, took place in Harlem at the William Jefferson Foundation Headquarters and was prompted by the Obama camp.

The teams reportedly talked about polling data, battleground states, strategies, and potential GOP opponents.

The two sides plan to have regular contact in the future.

The union represents a far different political climate than four years ago, when the former President's wife Hillary Clinton was locked in a tough primary fight with Obama for the Democratic nomination.

Following a hard-fought nomination win, Bill Clinton eventually endorsed Obama, after months spent on the road supporting his wife.

Currently President Obama finds himself in a tight race for reelection, recent polls show him running at or near even with Republican candidate Mitt Romney, and in some cases losing to a generic Republican opponent.

Clinton, who was dubbed "The Comeback Kid" during his years in the White House, likely has some suggestions worth sharing with President Obama.