Obama: Can Go Right, Stronger Left



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The president, vice president and senior aides had courtside seats at Washington's Verizon Center on Saturday to watch #8 Duke take on #7 Georgetown. Just after the half, President Obama joined CBS sports broadcasters for a little on air commentary.

Mr. Obama admitted that he can't watch a full game during the regular season, relying instead on ESPN's SportsCenter to keep him posted. But, he added, that changed during March Madness. "Now once it gets to the Final Four, I will watch all the games."

Asked to handle replay commentary of a move by Georgetown center Greg Monroe, the president did not hesitate to offer "this is a terrific spin move, and he didn't get any help coming back."

CBS Sports broadcaster Clark Kellogg approved. "That's well done...you could handle this job if you need it."

"After retirement, I'm coming after your job," the president joked. "You either have three more years or seven, I'm not sure which, but you need to plan accordingly, because I'm going to do some play by play."

CBS's Verne Lundquist, normally providing play-by-play for the game, served as the president's straight man asking about the president's basketball skills. "You're obviously a left hander. Do you have any problems at all going to your right?"

"You know I went to the Republican House Caucus just yesterday to prove I could go to my right once in a while, but there is no doubt I've got a stronger left hand."  The President was referring to Friday's visit to the House Republican Retreat in Baltimore where he spent over an hour answering questions from members of Congress, some of whom grilled Mr. Obama about his policies and politics.

President Obama concluded his stint as a sportscaster with an appeal that viewers remember not only our troops, but everyone working to help in Haiti, and to contribute to a relief fund.

President Obama was joined at the arena by Vice President Biden, White House senior adviser David Axelrod, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, and assistant Reggie Love.  The president admitted that he hadn't seen his assistant, normally close by his side, since getting to the Verizon Center, figuring the former Blue Devil was sitting behind the Duke bench.

Georgetown defeated Duke, 89 to 77.