Obama and Romney, No Love Lost?

President Obama hinted on Wednesday that the terse exchanges he had with Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney during their debates represented something real.

"I don't think that any relationship between me and Mitt Romney is different from previous presidential campaigns," Mr. Obama told NBC News Wednesday in Iowa. "I mean, John McCain I knew because I had served with him in the Senate, but I think if you look at George Bush and John Kerry or George Bush and Al Gore or first President Bush and Bill Clinton, I don't think anybody would say that while you were in middle of a campaign that you felt deep affection for the other guy because, look, you are fighting for competing visions."

Still, the president implied he doesn't really know Mr. Romney that well. "You know, I think when you're candidates, that you-- and you haven't really interacted before-- you can't say that you've got a real relationship there," he said.

The intense rhetoric on the candidates' respective campaign trails over the past few months spilled over into their three debates and even sparked a Saturday Night Live spoof in which the candidates threatened to fight each other.

The president refused to show any sweat over tightening polls however, whether he's feeling it or not, telling Williams he knows this race is close, but he's got the lead.