NY Gov. Cuomo takes aim at cleavage-baring subway ad

New York transit officials say they will reconsider their advertising standards after a top aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo objected to a cleavage-baring subway ad for breast enhancement surgery.

Howard Glaser, Cuomo's director of state operations, wrote to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority on Tuesday asking the agency to take action regarding the revealing advertisement.

"Tens of thousands of children ride the transit system every day to go to school," Glaser wrote in the letter, which he said was offered on behalf of the Democratic governor. "The public has a right to expect that the MTA will strive for a family friendly environment."

The Daily News first reported on the subway ad and Glaser's letter.

Glaser also indicated in his letter that the MTA had advised the governor's office earlier that the advertisement conformed to the authority's standards.

"With all due respect, we suggest that these standards need to be revisited," he wrote.

Parents have raised similar concerns about the advertisement, according to a statement from MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz.

"The MTA understands the concerns that Governor Cuomo and other parents have raised about this advertisement and about maintaining a family-friendly environment on our trains and buses," the statement said.

The advertisement was paid for by a cosmetic surgery practice located in Queens. A message left with the practice was not immediately returned Wednesday.

The MTA's Board of Directors revised the authority's advertising standards two years ago after a court decision forced it to accept advertisements that implied the enemies of Israel are "savages."

In response to the ruling, the board voted to require advertisements expressing political or religious viewpoints to carry disclaimers informing riders that the views aren't endorsed by the MTA. The authority also sold space to competing advertisements that urged religious tolerance.