Not a bad excuse...

(Green Bay, WI) - 
I was sick...the dog ate my homework...I forgot my locker combination...I was at a presidential town hall. 
All excuses for not meeting school expectations and requirements, but for one little girl in Wisconsin, one of these is the truth!
When president Obama called on John Corpus to ask a question at a Green Bay town hall on health care, the proud father first informed Mr Obama of his decision to pull his 10 year old daughter from her last day of school so she could attend the presidential event.  Corpus added he hoped his little girl wouldn't get in trouble. 
Mr Obama, a father of two daughters himself, was quick to offer his services, "Do you need me to write a note?" the president asked. 
Corpus, obviously touched and humored, and of course seeing an opportunity, said he'd take the president "up on that." Mr Obama directed Corpus to continue his line of questioning while the president would "start writing" the note for little Kennedy Corpus. 
"That's a cool name," Mr Obama said, as he wrote the note to Kennedy's teacher. 
President Obama seemed to have surprised father, daughter and the audience of approximately 1,600 when he came down from behind the podium with the hand written excuse note for Kennedy.