NFL receiver consoles Boehner, gets civics lesson

New England Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco found out something he didn’t catch during his 10 years in Cincinnati Tuesday night -- Washington-style theater.

Tweeting his way through a bout of insomnia, the three time all-pro stumbled upon the State of the Union address, watching the yearly event for the first time.

The player, who famously changed his last name to the Spanish-style pronunciation of his jersey number, asked his more than 3 million followers a host of questions about the event: its length (varies), how the president remembers the entire speech (TOTUS, ask any Republican to explain) and who "the guy over Obama’s left shoulder" was (House Speaker John Boehner, an avid Cincinnati Bengals fan).

That guy "doesn’t seem very happy," Ochocinco tweeted of the stone-faced speaker, who earlier in the week told "Fox News Sunday" he was going to get through President Obama's speech by staring at the back of Obama's head.

After learning Boehner’s identity, Ochocinco turned up the compassion, asking via Twitter if the speaker, who is known to wear his emotions on his sleeve, was "ok."

“Hello Mr. Boehner, hoping you are in better spirits today. If all else seems bad in life just remember I love you kind sir," the Pats wideout continued in his congressional outreach program Wednesday.

In response, the quarterback for the House Republicans tossed one to Ochocinco.

"Thanks & good luck in the Super Bowl we'll see you in the playoffs next year. Go #Bengals," Boehner wrote. He later tweeted a picture of his exchange.

This season the Bengals were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs.

Ochocinco and the Patriots take on the NFC champion New York Giants in the Super Bowl on Feb. 5.

“Totally awesome that John Boehner just tweeted me,” Ochocinco wrote about Boehner's reply.