Next "Main Street" Stop for President Obama...Ohio

President Obama will head to the battleground state of Ohio as he continues to stretch across the country discussing the economy. According to the White House, Mr. Obama will visit the Youngstown area on May 18th.

While the national unemployment rate is holding at 9.9%, the number of unemployed in the Youngstown area is considerably higher, at 14% and continues to climb since the beginning of the year. Ohio Congressman and House Republican Leader John Boehner's spokesman, Cory Fritz, says the President's current economic plan isn't helping those who need jobs. "More debt, higher taxes, and bigger government may be President Obama's idea of a 'jobs program,'" Fritz told Fox News "but it's hurting Ohio’s economy and making it harder to put people back to work."

This would be the President's seventh trip to the Buckeye state since winning the 2008 election when he turned the red state blue by besting his Republican rival Arizona Senator John McCain 53% to 47%. The White House did not provide any additional details about the upcoming trip.