Newt’s Rising Numbers

As former House Speaker Newt Gingrich's poll numbers rise, so are his fundraising numbers. His campaign reports they will raise more than $3 million in the fourth quarter.

If that money pans out, it would be well ahead of the $800,000 the campaign raised in the third quarter. But, the debt is still there.

The campaign reported about 1.2 million dollars in debt last quarter, and Gingrich spokesman R.C. Hammond says that number will be about the same this quarter.

"We've had a consistent increase in new and Newt donors since the Ames debate," say Hammond, who adds "about one out of every 2 donors is someone who hasn't given to the campaign before."

Several recent polls show Gingrich near the top, including one Public Policy Poll out Monday that puts him ahead of the GOP pack with 28%. That poll credits the fading of Atlanta businessman Herman Cain, who still came in second with 25%.

Hammond claims people want the substance and big ideas Newt is credited for bringing to the GOP presidential debates. "More people are seeing him in person, as opposed to how he is depicted in the media, and they are changing their minds," Hammond said.