New Perry Web Video: Romney Consistently Behind Bailouts

Texas Gov. Rick Perry's presidential campaign is out with a new Web video hitting the former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for being inconsistent on government bailouts.

The ad titled, "Romney: Believe in Bailouts," claims Romney has been steadfast in his support of the 2008 Wall Street bailout and the possibility of future bailouts.

"Any proposal from Mitt Romney to reduce government spending that does not end government bailouts is not a serious plan to reduce government spending," said Perry spokesman Ray Sullivan. "While Mr. Romney continues to put Wall Street over Main Street, Rick Perry is a real fiscal conservative whose economic plan ends Washington and Wall Street bailouts, cuts taxes and federal spending and balances the budget by 2020."

Romney is outlining his deficit-reduction plan in Washington on Friday. He's promising to cut federal spending by about $500 billion during his first term as President. He plans to do that by slashing programs and services that he doesn't feel the country can afford, like Amtrak and Public Broadcasting as well as some unspecified changes to entitlement programs.

The Romney campaign has stepped up its attacks on Perry, too with its first paid effort targeting Perry.

During a tele-town hall meeting Arizona border-county Sheriff Paul Bebeu, a Romney surrogate, accused Perry of contributing to illegal immigration by opposing a border fence and supporting in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.