New health bill a cure for partisanship?

strong>Name: Kristen O'Neill; Hometown: Dallas, Texas; Position: Health policy adviser, Rep. Gene Green, D-Texas; Age: 26; Alma Mater: Wake Forest University

Washington Examiner: Legislation improving the discovery, development and delivery of medical cures that the House passed this summer is one of the biggest bipartisan bills in a while. How did you get to help out with it?

O'Neill: I started in a staff assistant role and since then kind of worked on a number of issues, but really started to go over the healthcare portfolio two years ago. Since doing so, [Green] became ranking member of the [Energy and Commerce] health subcommittee. My boss has always been a really committed legislator — I think that was his background at the state level — and really likes to advance policies and write bills and champion them. And so when the cures bill initially was announced, he was very enthusiastic.

Examiner: Did your boss contribute any specific components?