New Bush ad: 'The Obama-Clinton-Kerry team is leaving a legacy of crises uncontained'

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush released a new ad on Wednesday hitting the foreign policy of the "Obama-Clinton-Kerry team." The ad, titled "Defending Israel," features former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton and syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer warning of a dire situation abroad before Bush appears voicing the plea that "people have to know that we have their back."

"The Obama-Clinton-Kerry team is leaving a legacy of crises uncontained, violence unopposed, enemies unnamed, friends undefended, alliances unraveling," Bush can be seen saying in the ad. "We need a president that does not disrespect our friends like Israel.

"We should be very clear that there is no moral equivalence that inciting terror inside of Israel is not the equivalency of what Israel does in self-defense. Israel is responding as any sovereign nation would — we should be completely on their side on this."

Bush, who fell to fifth in the Washington Examiner's most recent power rankings, is campaigning in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Wednesday. The governor has spent much of the week holding fundraisers out West, including in Dallas, Texas, Phoenix, Ariz., and Newport Beach, Calif.