Netanyahu says he's 'committed' to peaceful Palestinian state


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that he's dedicated to finding a solution to the violence in the Gaza Strip and West Bank that includes a Palestinian nation.

"We have not given up our hope for peace," he said sitting next to President Obama in the Oval Office on Monday. "I remain committed to a vision of two states for two peoples, a demilitarized Palestinian state that recognizes the Jewish state," he said, tamping down the conventional wisdom that he had given up on the so-called "two-state" solution to the violence between Israelis and Palestinians.

"I don't think that anyone should doubt Israel's determination to protect itself and defend itself against terror and destruction," he continued. "But neither should anyone doubt Israel's willingness to make peace with any of its neighbors who want to make peace with it."

Obama condemned the recent uptick in violence and said that in their private, closed-door meeting that will also include Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry, he will ask Netanyahu how to get stalled peace talks restarted.