Nancy Pelosi accuses Trump admin of using citizenship census question to 'Make America White Again'

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif, slammed the Trump adminisration for its ongoing efforts to include a citizenship question in the 2020 U.S. Census, suggesting there's a racial component by invoking President Trump's 2016 campaign motto.

During Monday's press conference on election security, Pelosi called President Trump's battle over the census "disgraceful," pointing to his Supreme Court setback that rejected the administration's argument for having a question about citizenship in the census.

“This is about keeping -- –you know, 'Make America'- his hat? Make America White Again,” she continued. “They want to make sure that people -- –certain people are counted. It’s really disgraceful and it’s not what our Founders had in mind.”


She later continued, "What is America? America is our people, the beautiful diversity of America and they denigrate newcomers to our country. They dishonor the Constitution, they degrade the environment, the land, they denigrate the diversity that is the beauty of the mix of America, and they undermine our values as a country- who we are as a country."

The Department of Justice announced on Sunday that it was seeking a new legal time to continue to fight the pushback against the citizenship question in the courts. Attorney General William Barr told reporters the DOJ will reveal "in the next day or two" how they will proceed.

Critics of the citizenship question say the Trump administration is using it to target illegal immigrants living in the United States.