MSNBC anchor blasts 'Trump deniers'

Joe Scarborough has had it with pundits who claim Donald Trump's political demise is imminent.

The MSNBC anchor, who hosts "Morning Joe," is blasting CNN and CNBC, his own network's sister news outlet, for their "outrageous" coverage of the Republican presidential candidate and the future of his campaign.

"Literally, the media narrative, including on CNBC, was that Ben Carson is now the leader," Scarborough said on his program Friday, referring to widespread speculation that Trump was headed for doom after a CBS/New York Times poll last week showed Carson with a four-point edge over Trump.

"Another poll came out that had Trump up by five or six points. I don't think people should be shocked Trump is in first place again," Scarborough, who's often been dubbed MSNBC's "token conservative," asserted.