Most non-Trump GOP voters say they would consider independent candidate

Over half of non-Donald Trump voters in Tuesday’s Republican primaries say they would consider a third party or independent candidate should the businessman pick up the Republican nomination for the White House.

The Fox News exit poll taken among voters in Missouri, Illinois, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, shows that six-in-ten non-Trump GOP voters would consider a third party candidate if the general election matchup was Trump versus Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Four-in-ten Republican primary voters overall would consider a third party or independent candidate, while approximately five-in-ten of late deciders would consider the same choice, Fox News’ exit poll said.

Trump himself has repeatedly raised the possibility of running an independent campaign should he be treated “unfairly” by the Republican Party, despite signing a pledge to support whoever the eventual Republican nominee may be.

Billionaire and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was understood to have been considering a third party run in recent months, but eventually decided against a run after concluding that there was not a viable route to victory, and his candidacy would likely hand the Republicans the White House.