FIRST ON FOX: The New Tolerance Campaign, a watchdog organization, has named a plethora of companies and organizations to their 2021 "Worst of the Woke" list, including Major League Baseball (MLB) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Several organizations made the list of the top 10 "most hypocritical institutions" in 2021, according to a press release exclusively obtained by Fox News.

New Tolerance Campaign president Gregory T. Angelo told Fox News in a Tuesday email that the list highlights the "most notable offenders" of organizations "engaging in double-standards and rank hypocrisy."


"Despite supply-chain issues throughout the year, there were two things that were available in abundance in 2021: ‘woke’ institutions seeking to outdo one another to prove how supportive they were of ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion,’ and hypocrisy from those same institutions in applying their stated values consistently," Angelo said.

"From corporate boardrooms to the halls of universities and Silicon Valley offices, 2021 had no shortage of institutions engaging in double-standards and rank hypocrisy," he continued. "Our ‘Worst of the Woke’ list highlights the most notable offenders."

The New Tolerance Campaign wrote in their release that many "individuals and organizations gave tremendous lip-service to ‘diversity, inclusion, and equity’ throughout 2021, but their actions spoke far louder than their words."

The MLB was included on the list for pulling the All-Star Game from Atlanta, Georgia, to Colorado amid criticism of the state’s voting law while simultaneously signing a streaming deal with China amid the communist country’s numerous human rights abuses and genocide.

"Given their roaring silence on freedom of speech issues throughout 2021, the ACLU could use a reminder that the ‘CL’ in their acronym stands for ‘Civil Liberties,’" the release reads regarding the inclusion of the ACLU. "In June news broke that the litigation colossus – founded on the constitutional principle of defending all speech, no matter how odious – was facing an identity crisis."

The New Tolerance Campaign also included on the list the "Elites Who Flouted their Own COVID Rules," such as celebrities walking maskless at the Met Gala while masked-up servers served them.

As a foil to the top 10 "Worst of the Woke," the New Tolerance Campaign also named the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) the watchdog’s 2021 "Champion of Tolerance" for pulling their business from China amid Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai’s disappearance after accusing a former CCP official of sexual assault.

"But the end of 2021 also brought us hope via the Women’s Tennis Association," Angelo told Fox News. "Their CEO Steve Simon continues to stand his ground in support of star athlete Peng Shuai, whose sudden disappearance and concerning reemergence remains a cause of worry for human rights advocates."

"The WTA suspended all tournaments in the communist-authoritarian country – a move that could cost the WTA tens of millions of dollars," he added. "That’s real courage. Here’s hoping other leaders take note in 2022."


The other entities listed in the New Tolerance Campaign’s "Worst of the Woke" list were: Disney, Walmart, CVS Health, BlackRock, Emerson College, Facebook and Twitter in a "Big Tech Tie," as well as Amazon and the Southern Poverty Law Center for their partnership with the e-commerce giant’s online charity service Amazon Smiles.

None of the companies, sans Walmart and BlackRock, immediately returned Fox News’ request for comment.

The New Tolerance Campaign cited reports that revealed Walmart had been "conducting critical race theory (CRT) trainings for its employees," while CEO Doug McMillon employed only one person of color as a top company executive.

A spokesperson for Walmart told Fox News in a Tuesday email that "Walmart began offering the Racial Equity Institute (REI) training sessions in 2018 for corporate leaders to share analysis and encourage reflection on the history of race in America as well as systemic racial inequity in its institutional and structural forms."

"The customized program was created to be inclusive for an audience of all races and did not target one race," the spokesperson continued. "It was developed in a way that aligns with our core value of respect for the individual. While the City Journal quotes excerpts from individual pages of the curriculum, the selected language doesn’t reflect the overall tone of the conversations."

BlackRock declined to comment.