Mitt Romney to Visit Miami Latin Restaurant

A local restaurant is preparing for Mitt Romney's South Florida arrival.

"I've been here around the clock, look I'm sweating," said Jorge DeLallama.

Crews at the El Palacio Del Los Jugos restaurant set up barriers, built a stage and hoisted an oversized banner written in Spanish supporting the Republican presidential candidate.

Romney will make a stop at the restaurant/fruit stand on Coral Way. Doors open at 3 p.m. "Where else would a political event be held other than El Palacio Del Los Jugos," said owner Reinaldo Bermudez. "This is the heart of the Cuban community."

Without Cuban Florida Senator Marco Rubio on his ticket, Romney is going after a key voting group. "It is very important for him to convey in his message that he is supporting the Cuban and Latins," said Bermudez. "Anywhere from 70 to 80 percent of the community is going to be out here, which is Cuban, Hispanic."

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DeLallama expects the GOP hopeful to adress the community in Spanish. "I expect to listen to him speak in Spanish to all my employees," he said. "He [Romney] speaks Spanish, that's what I heard."

Some residents said they will not vote for Romney at this year's election. "No, definitely not," said a patron. "I'm not part of his campaign. I'm not into what he's into."

While others are looking forward to meeting the presidential candidate. "I'm very excited to meet him, personally" said Dania Ferran, who already has her ticket to the rally.

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