Wisconsin Republican senators passed a resolution Wednesday to fine missing Democratic lawmakers $100 for every day they stay away from the state capital.

Republicans in the Senate approved the daily fine with no Democrats present. The 14 Democratic senators have been absent for two weeks as they try to block a vote on Gov. Scott Walker's budget bill.

Senate Republican Leader Scott Fitzgerald said he hopes the fine will "compel" Democrats to return to Madison.

The fine would go into effect starting Friday.

The Democrats left Wisconsin in order to delay indefinitely a Republican-backed bill taking away collective bargaining rights from public employees.

The resolution passed on Wednesday also requires the missing Democrats to reimburse the Senate for any costs incurred during attempts to force them to return. Their salary and other per diem payments can be withheld until they pay back the penalties and costs.

Republicans have already withheld the checks of missing Democrats from direct deposit and denied access to copying machines for their staff.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.