Milwaukee election chief bans 78-year-old grandmother from observing at polls

MADISON, Wis. – Leave it to the Dem-heavy City of Milwaukee Election Commission to ban a 78-year-old poll observer for doing her job, a draconian punishment one election official described as nothing short of partisan “intimidation” in the remaining days before Wisconsin’s tightly contested gubernatorial election.

Now, the commission’s executive director has turned in Marguerite Ingold to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office, the same agency that has spent the past four years drag-netting conservatives in secret, politically charged John Doe investigations. The reason, according to Ingold: The election director believed this Muskego great-grandmother could have become “violent and stormed the city hall.”

Ingold has served as a Republican Party election observer for about a decade. During the past two presidential elections she has observed early voting at nursing homes in Waukesha and Milwaukee counties.

By all accounts, Ingold is a true professional, highly trained and well versed in the laws and procedures of elections and what observers can and cannot do. She is an unpaid volunteer, a concerned citizen who takes her job seriously.

“In many cases, my job is to protect the right to vote by my fellow seniors,” she said.

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