Michelle Obama gave some answers Tuesday night in a guest appearance on "Jeopardy," but the resounding question was: What happened to the first lady's hair?

Recorded in the White House kitchen, Obama's cameo focused on healthy foods and promoting her "Let's Move!" campaign.

But it was Mrs. Obama's hairdo that caught the Internet's attention, as viewers took to social media to speculate -- in the clip, it looked like she had either shaved off much of her hair, or had pulled it back and was simply the victim of bad lighting.

Lending credence to the latter theory, the first lady was photographed on a visit to Cambodia over the weekend sporting her usual hairdo. ("Jeopardy" segments, though, are often taped in advance, and it's unclear when the first lady's cameo was shot.)

The first lady has become somewhat of a fashion icon throughout her husband's presidency, so her dress and hairstyles are closely watched.

She's changed her hairstyles before. Two years ago, she introduced bangs into her look; and earlier that year, she sported a bob.