McCain: 'Absolutely astounding' that US hasn't seen Iran side deal

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A side deal between Iran and the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog is still giving the Obama administration headaches with Congress, with one top senator calling it "absolutely astounding" that top U.S. officials have not even seen the agreement.

The "roadmap" worked out with the International Atomic Energy Agency deals with how Iran will account for its past nuclear work by Oct. 15, a condition required in the broader deal announced July 14 for Iran to receive relief from international sanctions.

Administration officials insist they don't have it and haven't seen the text, but have offered to brief lawmakers on what they know about its contents and say they are satisfied that the roadmap is sufficient to account for Iran's past nuclear work.

"Congress will be fully briefed on this agreement in classified session," Secretary of State John Kerry told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Wednesday.