Massachusetts Lawmakers Weigh Closing Loophole that Lets Illegals Register Vehicles

Illegal immigrants able to legally get their cars on the road in Massachusetts may soon find that privilege outlawed, MyFoxBoston reports.

For years, Massachusetts drivers have been able to register their vehicles even if they don't have driver's licenses, a law that has enabled tens of thousands of illegal immigrants in Massachusetts to drive legally registered cars.

But a series of new measures, including the one to require a driver's license to register a car, is aimed squarely at the estimated 150,000 to 200,000 illegal immigrants in this state,  MyFoxBoston reports.

The Senate has already approved the changes.

"I think it's a public safety issue that, combined with the unlicensed drivers that are on our roads right now, are creating a problem. We've seen a lot of evidence in terms of the numbers of unlicensed drivers we have that are brought in or arrested or detained in the course of the day in many of the communities I represent. It's a significant number," said Republican state Sen. Robert Hedlund.

The issue came to a head recently when a suspected illegal immigrant rear-ended a state representative in a serious car crash.

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