Mark Steyn: Hillary Clinton 'just can't accept' her loss to Trump

Conservative author Mark Steyn told Fox News' "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Wednesday that Hillary Clinton's recent comments about her defeat in the presidential election were "bizarre" and showed that she and the Democrats "still can't actually believe" what happened.

"What Donald Trump did was unprecedented," Steyn told host Tucker Carlson. "He had no ground game ... he veered erratically off message ... And yet somehow, he manages to beat the most qualified candidate ever to run for the presidency of the United States.


"If it was a military campaign, they’d be teaching it at staff colleges across the world for the next two centuries. It’s remarkable," Steyn added.

Earlier Wednesday, Clinton appeared at a technology conference in Silicon Valley and blamed a number of external factors for her defeat to Trump, including the spread of "fake news" on social media by Russians allegedly colluding with the Trump campaign.

However, Steyn mocked Clinton for claiming that "whatever happens, the Russians are behind it" and suggested that she was overlooking the flaws in her own campaign.

"[Clinton] paid talentless, mediocre people large sums of money to do the same things they’ve done for every other candidate," he said. "And Trump just comes along, he’s bored stiff by all that, and he just does it his way and blows all those stupid conventions out of the water. And the Republicans hated him for doing that, and the Democrats still can’t actually believe he did it."