Republican Sens. Marco Rubio and Mike Lee unveiled Wednesday the outline of a tax reform plan they say is meant to spur economic growth and provide relief to working families, and one that could also serve as a template for Rubio's campaign if he proceeds with a presidential run.

"The sum of this plan is the hope of triggering economic growth," Rubio, who represents the state of Florida, told reporters while introducing the plan in the Capitol Wednesday. The senators also placed an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal previewing the proposal.

The plan is a simple set of bullet points for the individual and business side of the tax code, building on an individual tax plan introduced by Lee last year.

There are no detailed proposals or legislative language, the senators said, because the effort is meant to be the starting point for a politically difficult large-scale reform effort. Their goal was to introduce legislation only after consulting with businesses, experts, and others.

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