Jo Jorgensen would like America to be "one giant Switzerland," the Libertarian Party's nominee for president told the "Fox News Rundown" podcast Tuesday.

"Switzerland is armed and neutral," Jorgensen explained to host Dave Anthony. "They're not pacifists. They're not isolationists. They are a banking center. They accept tourism. People go in and out freely and they trade with other people. That's what I want the United States to look like.

"However," the 63-year-old went on, "Switzerland doesn't get its nose in everybody else's business and they try not to be ... the world's policeman. So I would get out there and I would say that we need to treat the world as our neighbors, not our combatants. And we need to bring the troops home."

Jorgensen, the first woman to receive the Libertarian Party's presidential nomination, is currently polling at 2.8% in the RealClearPolitics national average, well below the 15% required to take part in a presidential debate.


"The problem now is I'm not even including my name in the polls," she said. "So how are we supposed to be on stage if we're not in the polls?"

No third party candidate has taken part in a presidential debate since 1992, when Reform Party nominee Ross Perot joined Republican President George H.W. Bush and Democratic nominee Bill Clinton on stage for all three events.

According to Jorgensen, the 15 percent threshold "is a lot higher than it seems, because ... about 80 percent of the people are already decided. So that only leaves 20 percent to work with anyway. So 15 percent is actually very high. And then, of course, you add to that the fact that they're not putting us in the polls. Well, what can you do?"


When asked to answer the criticism that a vote for a third party candidate would amount to throwing one's vote away, Jorgensen responded: "I would suggest you're throwing your vote away if you vote for something you don't want.

"I understand why people voted for Trump," she added. "They wanted an outsider. They felt that government was too big. They wanted to reduce the deficit, the debt. They wanted to cut spending. They wanted to bring the troops home. And he's done none of that. And I would ask them, 'Is that really what you think using your vote wisely is, to send the message that ... "That's what I want. I want more of that. I want bigger government. That's why I put you there"?' That would be a wasted vote."


On the other side, Jorgensen continued, "the Democratic Party was traditionally the party of anti-war, of free speech. And they are none of these things now. How about voting and telling Biden, 'No, I don't want a war hawk. I want peace in the world. I want the Democrats to act like Democrats.' How about sending them a message?"

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