Liberal Dem Expects Vote On Tax Cut Deal

In opposition to President Obama's tax cut compromise, Congressman Peter Welch D-Vt., circulated a letter of disapproval among colleagues earlier this week, and 53 members of the House signed on. Despite vocal objections from House Democrats, President Obama says he thinks the tax bill will pass, because "nobody, Democrat or Republican, wants to see people's paychecks smaller on January 1st because Congress didn't act." Sunday on Fox News, Welch acknowledged a sentiment expressed earlier in the day by Democrat Chris Van Hollen on Fox News Sunday, that despite political posturing, the tax cut compromise "will come to the House floor for a vote."

Conceding that, Welch was adamant that two major problems, too few jobs and too much debt, continue to hang over the country's efforts to boost economic stability. Referring to America's current debt situation as a "clear and present danger," Welch admitted he's "in favor of doing what we need to do to make certain the middle class tax cut passes."

Politically, Democrats, including Welch, remain frustrated with the way President Obama brokered the deal with Republicans, explaining he thinks the president "had a chance to negotiate a better deal" than the one he settled for. When asked about the much discussed appearance by former President Clinton in the White House briefing room Friday, Welch said while he's "always glad to hear from Bill Clinton," the former president's support for Obama's plan did nothing to "persuade" him it was the best deal for Democrats.

Making the rounds on Sunday's morning talk shows, White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod said he was "confident" the country "will move forward and take this step to avoid a tax increase" and advance the economy. The Senate is expected to pass the tax cut compromise in the next few days.