Latest Attack Ad Against Rep. Michele Bachmann Strikes A Nerve

The latest attack ad in the fight to represent Minnesota's 6th Congressional District, has created a small firestorm between Rep. Michele Bachmann and her opponent, Democratic State Senator Tarryl Clark.

Clark's web video released this morning on her campaign's website accuses Rep. Bachmann of "standing with Wall Street, big insurance companies and BP," during the BP Gulf oil spill ealier this year. At the end of the 30 second ad, the announcer says, "Michele Bachmann not doing (bleep) @#!% for the people of the 6th District. But doing more than her fair share for the special interests in Washington." The profanity is bleeped out, not spoken, but definitely implied.

Watch the ad here.

Not long after the web ad launched, Team Bachmann counter-attacked with an email from Michele's husband, Marcus Bachmann with the following message: "I had hoped Michele's opponent, Tarryl Clark, would be above this type of behavior. But I am sad to report that she has just released a 30-second attack ad that uses a false, profanity-laced attack against my wife. This attack ad literally uses symbols to indicate profanity against Michele -- something I have never seen before in a campaign advertisement." Bachmann's husband then asks supporters to contribute to Bachmann's campaign, "to show Michele you support her and denounce these offensive attacks."

Tarryl Clark's campaign spokeswoman, Carrie Lucking, told Fox News, "to be exceedingly clear and on the record, there is absolutely no use of profanity anywhere in this web video."

Bachmann's spokesman, Sergio Gor, says the campaign has "no response" to Clark's web ad.

The most recent polling done in mid-September, shows Rep. Michele Bachmann holding a nine point advantage over Tarryl Clark, that is the same margin as the previous Survey-USA poll conducted three months ago, in July.