Krauthammer: 'Republicans will stick with a conservative candidate in NH'

Nationally syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer told viewers on Tuesday's "Special Report with Bret Baier" that Ted Cruz' conservatism may garner him another win next week in New Hampshire.

"They're anti-establishment but Trump is a populist and Cruz is a conservative. People say, ‘well, the anti-establishment vote in Iowa was over 50%’ but that's the wrong way to look at it, said Krauthammer. “You add up Cruz and Rubio, both of them conservatives - one more conservative, fundamentalist if you like than the other and what you have is  51% of Iowa whose conservative and one quarter Trump is populist. ”

Krauthammer said next Tuesday’s primary comes down to conservative voters and Trump might not be the victor because "Republicans in the end are likely to stay with their roots which is as a conservative party and not be accept the siren song of populism like Trump is championing."