Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said Monday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that Obama has demonstrated an honest desire for an easy transition of power at the White House unlike other members of his party.

“I think the president is concentrating truly, and I give him credit for this, on a smooth transition,” Krauthammer said. “His party is losing its mind. You have Harry Reid giving out these unbelievable statements... You've got the president setting a different example.”

Krauthammer said that Obama wants to signal to worried foreign allies that they still can count on the stability of the United States.

“This is a signal to leaders overseas, this is not as catastrophic as you think, Krauthammer said. “He didn't say that about Trump, but he said - he was implying he was within the bounds.”

Krauthammer also said Obama is continuing a well-established tradition, and repaying a kindness left by the Bush administration.

“I do think he feels a debt to the Bushes. He didn't have a lot of use for them, and he abused them, even in his inaugural address. But now he realizes what a gift it was, the way they treated him and the transition coming in,” Krauthammer said. “And I think he feels it's part of his job, or he - something to aspire to, to replicate that.”