KKK grand dragon endorses Hillary Clinton for president

Hillary Clinton is working hard to consolidate support during a tougher-than-expected Democratic primary, but there’s one backer she may wish to back away from: a Ku Klux Klan grand dragon.

“We want Hillary Clinton to win,” Will Quigg, the grand dragon of the KKK’s California chapter, said during an interview with The Telegraph.

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump was recently criticized for a perceived reticence to disavow the endorsement of former KKK leader David Duke. Trump has since clearly disavowed Duke’s vote of confidence. Clinton has yet to be asked about Quigg’s endorsement.

Quigg bases his support on his belief that Clinton is pushing false promises on the campaign trail. Once she gets elected, he contends, her agenda will completely shift.

“Border policies are going to be put in place,” Quigg said. “Our second amendment rights that she’s saying she’s against now, she’s not against. She’s just our choice for the presidency.”

But Clinton wasn’t always Quigg’s choice.

He supported Trump as recently as September, tweeting that Trump was “the only hope we have of getting WHITE AMERICA BACK!”

Now, Quigg cites a litany of reasons why his support for Trump has waned.

“We don’t like his hair. We think it’s a toupee,” Quigg said. “He won’t do what he says he will do. He says he’s going to build a 20-foot high fence along the border with Mexico and make them pay. How’s he going to do that?”

And how does Quigg know about Clinton’s supposed secret KKK-friendly agenda?

“I cannot reveal my sources,” he said. “It’s my opinion – if you know what I mean, wink, wink. I don’t want her to come back and say I’m slandering her.”