Kasich: 'I get to be president, I'm going to golf'

While some of President Obama's right-leaning opponents complain about his frequent golf outings, John Kasich has a message for those critics. If he gets to the White House, he will golf too.

The Ohio governor will deliver a speech detailing his national security strategy on Tuesday in Washington, D.C., but he took some time to relax with the Golf Channel in advance.

"I get to be president, I'm going to play golf," Kasich said. "You got to realize that it's a down time that people who are making these decisions all the time need to have. That doesn't mean that if you work being an Uber driver you don't need the same kind of rest, but a lot of times the pressure's always there so it gives you a chance to relax."

Kasich said before arriving in the Golf Channel's studio, he was "on the phone dealing with the issue of terrorism" in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks and found that golf took his mind off the issue.

When Kasich demonstrated his swing for viewers, he expressed his frustration that his swing keeps pulling the ball to the left. The Golf Channel host jokingly conveyed his surprise that Kasich was struggling with going too far to the left, but Kasich did not appear to immediately recognize the humor. The governor's conservative opponents chastise him for moving away from the GOP base on a myriad of issues, including immigration and expanding Medicaid under Obamacare in Ohio.

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