Democrats will have to wait a little longer to find out whether or not they have a real shot at retaining their open Senate seat in Virginia, this as the state's former governor and current Democratic National Committee Chairman, Tim Kaine, dodged a moment at the party's winter meeting to throw his hat in the political ring.

As the annual gathering was drawing to a close with Kaine trudging through "transition announcements," one rogue attendee could stand the suspense no longer. "Senator Kaine!" the man shouted.

The crowd cheered, Kaine blushed and smiled, but then demurred, "Not that kind of transition!" The former governor merely joked that "that was the Virginia delegation back there!"

Kaine is the Democrat's best hope of hanging onto the seat of returning Sen. Jim Webb, who announced his 2012 departure recently to return to the private sector. The President and Senate Democratic leaders have asked Kaine to mount the challenge, as Democrats try to hang onto their majority in the Senate.

Republicans have a strong shot at returning the seat's former occupant, former Sen. George Allen, though he must make it through a primary against Tea Party activist Jamie Radtke.