Judge denies request to limit order halting Trump's travel ban

The federal judge in Hawaii who halted President Trump’s new, revised travel ban denied the administration’s request for him to limit the scope of his ruling Sunday so that the United States can immediately stop taking in refugees worldwide.

U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson on Thursday issued a temporary restraining order on Trump’s order that prevents travelers from six mostly-Muslim countries entering the U.S. and suspends the United States’ worldwide refugee program.

Justice Department attorneys argued in a motion Friday that Watson's temporary restraining order was essentially based on the argument that the ban appears to unconstitutionally target Muslims.

They questioned whether his ruling was limited to the part of Trump’s March 6 executive order that temporarily bans visas to travel from the six countries into the U.S., and not to the temporary refugee ban.

Watson responded Sunday by saying there was nothing unclear about the scope of his order and that the ruling remains unchanged.

In its response to the Justice Department's motion, the state of Hawaii said motion was "substantively lacking" and procedurally out of order.

"The Government is, in effect, asking the Court to modify its existing injunction based on a proposed limitation that it could have -- but did not -- previously seek, and on the basis of arguments this Court has already rejected. The procedural defects are obvious," the state said.

There is no timetable for when Watson will rule beyond imposing the temporary restraining order on Trump’s executive order.