@Jon2012Girls: 2012 Politics in 140 Characters or Less

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman has refrained from attacking his opponents on the campaign trail. But his three eldest daughters haven't held back.

Abby Livingston, along with her sisters Liddy and Mary Anne Huntsman are going to bat for their father using social media to pump up his campaign and zing his opponents.

"We just believe in our dad so much that we are kind of sitting out there and trying to give people out there a voice of who my dad is and what he stands for," Liddy said Sunday on Fox News.

During a debate on Oct. 11, @Jon2012Girls, as they are known on Twitter, wrote live-time reviews that some saw as tough on former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's experience overseas

"How does Romney know anything about China? He's only been there once and that was for the Olympics. Panda express doesn't count," tweeted the girls.

Crediting Liddy with the sharp-witted Tweets, the daughters agreed they don't intend their observations to be mean-spirited.

"A lot of it isn't 100 percent serious. We are having fun with it and so I hope the people out there aren't like ‘they are really trying to get after people or say negative things,'" said Abby. "We are trying to get people to laugh."

The girls also say they get their sense of humor from their father.

"We all have a very dry sense of humor and growing up, our dad has kind of said don't take things too seriously," Liddy said.