Jim Oberstar Faces Raucous Crowd at Minnesota Congressional Debate

Democratic Rep. Jim Oberstar for the last 35 years has breezed through his reelection campaigns, regularly winning back his northern Minnesota seat by double digits.

But a raucous debate Tuesday in Duluth underscored how different this year is. Oberstar was frequently booed and shouted at as he and Republican opponent Chip Cravaack dove headlong into hot-button issues ranging from the health care law to the stimulus package to environmental policy.

FOX 21 NEWS reports that the moderators were unable to control the discussion as supporters of both candidates frequently disrupted the debate.

Oberstar was booed when he blamed the "colossal mountain of debt" on the Bush administration.

"I gather they don't like to hear the truth," Oberstar said.

Cravaack stressed private-sector job creation and denounced the health care law.

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