It's about Iran, not the US

The White House is staying out of the debate inside Iran about the election, and wants it to stay that way.

"There are people in Iran who want to make this not about a debate among Iranians in Iran, but about the West and the United States, " White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Thursday. "And I would add President Ahmadinejad to that list of people trying to make this about the United States."

On Thursday morning, Iranian President Ahmadinjead, singled out the Obama administration for meddling inside Iran, and then linked the current President to the immediate past President.

"We expect nothing from the British government and other Europeans governments, whose records and backgrounds are known to everybody and who have no dignity, but I wonder why Mr. Obama, who has come with the slogan of change, has fallen into this trap, the same route that Mr. Bush took and experienced its ending," Ahmadinejad said.

All of this comes as German Chancellor Angela Merkel comes to Washington tomorrow to meet with President Obama. Germany and the U.S. are key members of the group that works on Iranian issues, including nuclear proliferation.