In latest 'nanny' move, Bloomberg encourages people to take stairs

In his latest health push, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is encouraging people to forgo the elevator and take the stairs instead.

Bloomberg -- who has gone after cigarettes, trans fat and, more recently, large, sugary drinks -- has a new initiative aimed at pushing office workers to climb flights of stairs to get to their floor rather than wait for the elevator, reported.

The new legislation proposed by Bloomberg will require all new buildings and buildings undergoing major renovations to give people access to a stairwell, as well as to put signs near elevators that point to the closest stairwell.

“Whether you’re tall or short, fat or thin, you’ll be healthier and you’ll live longer if you’re more active. But the problem is we’ve been lulled into a sedentary lifestyle,” Department of Design and Construction Commissioner David Burney said.

According to, Bloomberg said a challenge of the initiative is making being active hipper for young people.

Bloomberg reportedly almost always uses the stairs and doesn't stand still when on an escalator.

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