Springfield, IL Mayor Frank Edwards has sent a letter to President Obama asking if he can help make sure $55,458 tab left over from a 2008 campaign event Obama held in the city gets paid.

It seems there's some bureaucratic tape in play on who pays - then Illinois Sen. Obama had Secret Service detail, so there is confusion if they would be responsible, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) or Obama's political arm, Organizing for America (OFA).

Springfield's Communications Director Ernie Slottag tells Fox the city doesn't necessarily think the White House is responsible for the payment because Obama wasn't president yet, but that the president might be able to move things along.

The mayor sent the letter last Thursday but Edwards' office has not yet heard a response.

The event in question was Obama's event in Springfield announcing that then Sen. Joe Biden would be his running mate. The city paid for police and first responders to help secure the event.

Obama's campaign actually got a bill for $68,139, but $55,457 is still outstanding.

Slottag also tells Fox News that to their knowledge, neither the DNC or OFA (May want to lay this one out instead of the acronym) has had communication on this matter with them.

Edwards noted in the letter that they aren't interested in embarrassing anybody, but more or less just want the bill paid.

United States Secret Service Spokesman Max Milien tells Fox that it is standard procedure to discuss costs and needs with city officials before an event. Milien says that no matter what city an event occurs in, it's typical protocol for the city to induce some of the costs if extra local presence is needed. He noted that this event followed those normal procedures and this wouldn't be something they reimburse.