Know who’s not hot? President Obama, Sen. John McCain, Bono  and his band, U2.

All made GQ magazine’s “30 Least Influential People of 2014” list.

Obama, who once graced the cover of Time Magazine ends up behind the “Tom Friedman of rock,” Bono and the band he fronts, U2 in the December edition of the men’s magazine.

GQ dubbed the group in the “people who took up vast clouds of oxygen, (but) gave us back nothing of use.”

McCain, who took the 22nd spot on the list, was chided for attacking Obama for “(a) not bombing people or (b) for not bombing them enough.”

Former House majority leader Eric Cantor, who lost the Republican primary in June, nabbed the 10th spot on the list.

Others making it on the “least influential” list includes Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler and the entire U.S. Secret Service.