House Reacts to Iran Threat

In response to allegations this week that Iranian entities plotted to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador in Washington D.C., Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-S.C., introduced a House resolution urging the Obama administration to more aggressively examine terrorist threats in the Western Hemisphere emanating from Iran.

The resolution cites specific incidents that demonstrate Iran's support for terrorism and its intent to target Americans.

The resolution asks the Obama administration to: "Include the Western Hemisphere in the Administration's 2012 National Strategy for Counterterrorism's ‘Area of Focus,' which was absent in the 2011 edition." It also asks the Department of Homeland Security, along with other intelligence agencies, "to examine Iran's presence, activity, and relationships in the Western Hemisphere, including the U.S."

In a press release, Rep. Duncan said, "I have long been concerned about Iran's growing presence and activity in Latin America and the possible relationship between the terrorist organization, Hezbollah, and the Mexican drug cartels on our Southern border."

The criminal complaint from the Justice Department this week accused two Iranian born men of hiring a Drug Enforcement Administration informant in Mexico posing as an assassin.

Michael Smith of the Kronos strategic advisory firm, and an expert on Iran's Quds Force special operations unit, says the U.S. cannot afford to ignore the threat Islamic terrorists hitting the homeland through a porous southern border.

"If the rapidly expanding presence in our neighborhood of militant Islamist groups which accept directives from Iran's Quds Force special operations unit remains unchecked, the recent plot will most likely come to resemble a tip of the iceberg in terms of what could unfold within America's borders," Smith told Fox News. "Representative Duncan's Resolution is a much needed step in the right direction."

An official in Duncan's office said bill, dropped Tuesday evening, is expected to draw bipartisan support, and is already co-sponsored by Rep. Brian Higgins, a Democrat from New York.